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For the following pro version demo, it shows both slide view and vertical display view. Pro version shows vertical & slide display with different slider settings, number of retweets & favourites, show images if exists in vertical display, makes url/hashtag/others in text linkable, include reply tweets, header & scrolling plugin, multiple view in same page and other features. buy now

Slide view –

Vertical display view –

twitterapi 5 months agoRT @TwitterDev: The first of many deploys to improve the Twitter Developer experience. Explore the new https://t.c156
twitterapi 6 months agoOur outbound IP addresses are changing on November 7, 2016. Please read if you whitelist our servers for crawling.
twitterapi 6 months agoRT @TwitterDev: The attachment_url option for the statuses/update endpoint is now available - details ->
twitterapi 7 months agoRT @TwitterDev: ICYMI - we posted some additional API details on forthcoming Tweet object changes in our dev forums 👀
twitterapi 9 months agoRT @TwitterDev: As of today, the REST API will return alt text with a Tweet by default. Use of the 'include_ext_alt_text' parameter is no l…120
twitterapi 9 months agoAPI support for 140 second video upload

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