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BBC News We were #Live in the US state of Arizona where Donald J. Trump is about to speak to voters on one of the biggest political issues this election: immigration. The BBC's James Cook spoke to Trump supporters.See More Share your questions and comments below!See Less
01.09.2016 at 12:47 amLike
BBC News Thank you so much for watching and participating in this Facebook Live. We had some technical issues during the live stream, but follow our coverage of tonight's speech here: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-3722754501.09.2016 at 02:29 am11Justin Cresswell So, he's back in the USA after losing his passport in Mexico, is he? Did he have to produce his birth certificate? What about his tax information?01.09.2016 at 12:51 am79view more comments
BBC News Survivors tell the stories behind mass graves in Iraq and Syria.31.08.2016 at 11:46 pmLike
Ahmed Abdi when innocent children see nothing but killing and bombing, they grow up in a world of hate. When they see their families and friends killed and their homes and towns blown to pieces and don't understand why, they grow up knowing nothing but hate. Everyone becomes their enemy over time.........and you wonder where terrorism stems from.31.08.2016 at 11:58 pm40Anuj Kumar While US and Russia spin money demonstrating their war machines, Europe suffers immigration problem and people in Syria are sacrificed at altar of secret agencies involved in upmanship game.31.08.2016 at 11:52 pm13view more comments
BBC News Astronomers are examining a star after a flash of radiation was spotted.31.08.2016 at 10:45 pmLike
Kelly Jellie Probably but seeing as we can't get the life that's already here to stop killing and terrorising one another...how about we stop looking elsewhere and concentrate on this planet31.08.2016 at 10:46 pm199Fawzi Eyad It has always struck me as extremely arrogant to seriously believe that, in the vastness of space, we are the only intelligent life. Ranks right up there with the then presumption that the Earth was flat simply because one could not see beyond the horizon, or that the galaxy revolved around Earth.31.08.2016 at 10:53 pm127view more comments
BBC News "My job was given away during maternity leave."31.08.2016 at 10:15 pmLike
Matthew Wells woman have no right to the same job when they return, they do have the right to the same pay and conditions. an employer cant keep a job open, what if you work in pay roll... "sorry, no pay this month... again... we cant employ someone to do the job".31.08.2016 at 10:22 pm53Carol Rogers I feel for the women who find that their job has changed or isn't there when they come back to work, but for the company that has to suffer a wait and see situation and get the work done, it is very difficult not to leave the job open with a temp doing it. My daughter got her job as short term due to maternity leave and the woman never came back. My daughter then took on the job permanently, so she was lucky. But she could just as easily have been the one without the job in the end.31.08.2016 at 10:26 pm44view more comments
BBC News Passenger on board the United Airlines plane forced to emergency land in Ireland explains what severe turbulence feels like31.08.2016 at 09:51 pmLike
Yasir Israr Wait for it fardad farhazad. (**10min later. Welcome fardad, we got anxious when you got late)31.08.2016 at 09:52 pm219Don Smith I'm not a pilot, but I know one. He told me that drops of 10 or 20 meters feel like drops of 1000 meters. Not that I'm minimizing anything, severe turbulence will turn your tighty-whities yellow in the front and brown in the back.31.08.2016 at 10:41 pm33view more comments
BBC News Police had warned that Clyde the turtle could have died without specialist care. 🐢31.08.2016 at 09:34 pmLike
James Krushas you silly Brits. It is heinous crimes like this one that are the reason for our lax US gun laws. In America, we straighten this sort of thing out right away with a couple of swift bullets to the keister. no more kid, no more turtle theft. More guns for everyone.31.08.2016 at 09:38 pm61Armelle Groix I didn't know kids entering animal areas in zoos is a thing.
Seriously why are those parents so careless and lack authority and why are those kids so restless and lack respect? Zoos are not playgrounds and animals are not toys!!
To be able to see wild animals from countries you'll never visit, where their habitat disappears and where poachers kill them, to see animals part of breeding programs is... A privilege.
Electric fences aren't needed to prevent animals from escaping, they are needed to prevent kids from entering. We're here now.31.08.2016 at 09:55 pm11
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