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For the following pro version demo 4 posts set to show, picture at left layout set, ajax comments enabled,half picture size set, fixed height set only 1000 pixels (to make appear nice scroll bar, height can be set according to size of posts), comments author name and logo not appearing because of using user token instead page token for this demo.Page token shows all well.

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BBC News RIP Peter Tork. 💙🐒21.02.2019 at 06:06 pmLike
My wife said she was leaving me because of my obsession with the Monkees.

I thought she was joking.

Then I saw her face.

R.I.P Peter.21.02.2019 at 06:27 pm9
R.I.P Peter....caught The Last Train to Clarkesville....God bless xx21.02.2019 at 06:11 pm21view 195 more comments
BBC News T-rex: The t stands for tiny. 🦖21.02.2019 at 05:33 pmLike
Goddamnit, I was hoping you meant a live one.21.02.2019 at 06:28 pm4Should've named it the Tinysaurus Rex. Way to drop the ball Paleontologists21.02.2019 at 05:50 pm17view 218 more comments
BBC News "I couldn’t think of anything more humiliating than admitting I couldn’t pay my own way."21.02.2019 at 04:43 pmLike
Only £60k in debt? *laugh in American*21.02.2019 at 04:52 pm182Sure, it was stupid of him to spend more money than he had BUT he also was working without getting paid at 24. It's perhaps time to address the issue that the model of unpaid internships makes some career choices limited to those privileged enough to not need to be paid as they start off their career.21.02.2019 at 05:17 pm122view 288 more comments
BBC News That bee sting's gonna hurt. 🐝🤯
World's biggest bee found alive0A giant bee, thought lost to science decades ago, has been re-discovered on an Indonesian island.
21.02.2019 at 03:55 pmLike
That's cool now leave them alone21.02.2019 at 03:56 pm651Beehave yourselves and let it go21.02.2019 at 04:19 pm180view 1020 more comments
BBC News Nuns in India have been protesting after a nun said she was raped by a bishop.
He denies the charges.
21.02.2019 at 03:12 pmLike
0https://bbc.in/2TdJIqO21.02.2019 at 03:20 pm5Why do we still have religion in 21st century?21.02.2019 at 03:20 pm137view 338 more comments
BBC News The best bits don't always happen on the stage! 😲21.02.2019 at 02:23 pmLike
0https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-4730798821.02.2019 at 03:02 pm0https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-4731512721.02.2019 at 03:02 pmview 21 more commentsPink was awesome
!!!21.02.2019 at 06:10 pm
the real winners were those of us who didn't see any of it21.02.2019 at 03:32 pm11Who cares. So called celebrity. Would rather watch grass grow21.02.2019 at 02:28 pm18The Brits stopped being relevant to me when I got into Alternative, Metal and Rock music which isn't really reflected in the Brits.21.02.2019 at 03:17 pm5Never heard of any of them.21.02.2019 at 03:15 pm2Have you guys officially run out of things to report?! Seriously, who cares about this?21.02.2019 at 02:26 pm11Pink was fantastic !!!!!!!!!21.02.2019 at 02:48 pm5Give me Hugh jackman every time. He was fantastic.21.02.2019 at 02:48 pm2Why don't the BBC do a report on the scandal that is the CPS offering no evidence for the hunt sab assaults that took place in Yorkshire. There is footage of the assaults all over social media....21.02.2019 at 03:07 pm3The loser - music21.02.2019 at 02:42 pm321.02.2019 at 02:37 pm2Hugh Jackman is British?21.02.2019 at 02:28 pm3At least this news isn't about brexit 🤔21.02.2019 at 02:38 pm1Haile Selassie Jah Ras Tafari,13 tongues: a=z; b=y; c=x; d=w; e=v; f=u; g=t; h=s; i=r; j=q; k=p; l=o; znd m=n. Saile Helassie Qah Ias Gafari, rs xonscience (rn xonscience) rn ghe grue xhurch/gemple lf Tod ghe yody, zmen.21.02.2019 at 03:52 pmwhere have all the decent groups gone?21.02.2019 at 05:03 pmI don’t know most of these people. Am I old now?21.02.2019 at 05:03 pmIt was only good when Duran Duran were winning😂😂😂21.02.2019 at 02:43 pmThe what's? Total waste of money, yet again.21.02.2019 at 04:56 pmAll tainted by feminism. Out.21.02.2019 at 05:44 pm1The best bit was when I watched something else 👍21.02.2019 at 02:27 pm11The real loser has to be Jack Whitehall who's career is surely in tatters after being the worst possible presenter/host I have ever witnessed in my life. Was cringe from start to finish.21.02.2019 at 02:30 pm7

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