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BBC News Are you using your asthma and allergy medical devices correctly? http://bbc.in/1t2t9fL

Studies show many patients struggle with instructions and technique.
Asthma inhalers 'not used properly'www.bbc.co.ukCharities warn patients are not being taught how to use potentially life-saving asthma inhalers and allergy auto-injectors correctly.
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Jack 'Zaffers' Watkins All this time I've been sticking it in my ear...22.12.2014 at 09:04 pm43Les Barbara Sawford Clix Sense what an insult to asthmatics like me and millions of others to latch on to this!22.12.2014 at 09:03 pm10view more comments
BBC News Joe Cocker has died:
Singer Joe Cocker dies aged 70www.bbc.co.ukSinger Joe Cocker, best known for his cover of the Beatles' With A Little Help From My Friends, dies aged 70.
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Frank Mandela Bawumia Great voice....RIP22.12.2014 at 06:19 pm104Chantal Pirmez Soon, there will only be Justin beibers left. Jesus, take me now.22.12.2014 at 06:34 pm86view more comments
BBC News This is the moment strong winds forced a plane to abort its landing at Leeds Bradford Airport. The British Airways flight from Heathrow was able to land safely after being diverted to Manchester.
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Amy Ingrey-Griffith It doesn't matter if the pilots are trained to do this! It was still an excellent piece of flying. You moaners would be in uproar if the pilot had crashed the plane, you would then be saying he should of aborted the landing! No pleasing some people! At least all the passengers and crew will be home safe this Christmas and that's the main thing.22.12.2014 at 06:02 pm1337Ben Sheppard Amazing skills on that pilot. Kudos!22.12.2014 at 05:41 pm542view more comments
BBC News The world’s biggest Christmas lottery draw is gripping Spain: http://bbc.in/1Cui33q #ElGordo #BBCGoFigure
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Tabita Kristel I just dropped my jaw!22.12.2014 at 01:21 pm15Chris Ivory Wouldn't that help pay Spain's debt?22.12.2014 at 01:57 pm7view more comments
BBC News The BBC's Andrew Harding had an emotional reunion with Mawardah Priyanka - whom he met 10 years ago when covering the Indian Ocean tsunami.
Indian Ocean tsunami: Emotional reunion in Aceh 10 years onwww.bbc.co.ukThe BBC's Andrew Harding reports on an emotional reunion with Indonesian tsunami survivor Mawardah - 10 years since the tidal wave devastated the girls' home city.
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Rachel Eastwood it was 10 years ago?22.12.2014 at 07:05 am44Carla Mejia these photos make me smile,i feel happy,cant xplain22.12.2014 at 07:21 am26view more comments

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