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BBC News A cold loner. That's how an Islamic State defector remembers "Jihadi John". http://bbc.in/1GFdNQL
'Jihadi John was cold and a loner'bbc.co.ukThe Islamic State fighter known as "Jihadi John" was cold and a loner who set himself apart from others, according to a man who met him in Syria.
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David Hammel Why are we making him famous?02.03.2015 at 07:01 am50Célio Novais Jihad John becomes the last british superstar.

And I have the same question David, " Why are we making him famous? "02.03.2015 at 07:03 am14
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BBC News Prince William begins his 4-day visit to China. http://bbc.in/17Jc1BS
Prince William arrives in Chinabbc.co.ukThe Duke of Cambridge arrives in China for a four-day visit, becoming the first UK royal to visit the country in nearly 30 years.
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Claire Noël D'Elia Ask them to stop killing dogs and cats for leather and while you're at it mention the fur and angora stop putting lead in everything they export... they also kill beautiful animals that will soon be extinct not to mention they're total disregard for life in general02.03.2015 at 04:10 am16Debbie Perkins Ask them stop torturing and eating dogs that we domesticated 2000 years ago...02.03.2015 at 03:53 am30view more comments
BBC News Four men whose story may inspire you:
Band with learning disabilities set for Eurovisionbbc.inFinland picks PKN, whose members have Down's syndrome and autism.
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Jan Bock I think we have a winner01.03.2015 at 03:24 pm114Dave Allan People with learning disabilities want to be treated like everyone else, not made to feel different, it should be judged on the song, not because they are disabled01.03.2015 at 03:27 pm170view more comments
BBC News "He died for the future of Russia," say supporters of murdered politician Boris #Nemtsov:
Thousands march in honour of politicianbbc.inRallies remember Boris Nemtsov, shot dead in Moscow on Friday.
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Alexander Golub With an 86% approval rating in Russia (Feb. 26, 2015), Putin would be the last person interested in killing Nemtsov.01.03.2015 at 01:43 pm110Jeremy Williams Putin had him executed more like!01.03.2015 at 01:32 pm121view more comments
BBC News Why a European nation banned beer for 74 years:
The story of Iceland's Beer Daybbc.inFull-strength beer was illegal for nearly a century, until 1 March 1989.
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Govinda Ghimire We have that sorta crazy 'Marijuana day' in Nepal too!01.03.2015 at 11:20 am21Danny Lawrence People, your grammar is atrocious!!01.03.2015 at 11:26 am13view more comments

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