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BBC News "We don't expect a complete recovery until about 2050 but we're starting to see that the ozone hole is not as bad as it used to be." #GoFigure30.06.2016 at 10:38 pmLike
Douglas Thornton Can I just apologise on behalf of the U.K. for all the hot air that we've generated this week. Surely this can't have helped??30.06.2016 at 10:42 pm295Daniel Wair See, when you find environmental damage and enact policies to repair that damage the earth can heal. Next step, burn climate deniers for fuel, sure it's carbon heavy at first but we'd exhaust the supply quickly and with them out of the way we could fix the damage they've done.30.06.2016 at 10:44 pm89view more comments
BBC News "In light of the unusually hot days and climate change, we have to be more considerate towards horses."30.06.2016 at 10:08 pmLike
Marc-Anthony Davies "We have to be more considerate towards horses." How about not exploiting them at all!30.06.2016 at 10:13 pm167Anais Mattioli Instead of supporting this kind of thing, why don't we all avoid this kind of practices with horses? They have to stand for long hours, doesn't matter if it's cold or hot. In Austria some kind of kindness was showed, but what about New York, Rome, etc???
Please, don't support this anywhere you go!30.06.2016 at 10:18 pm73
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BBC News In 2012, Michael Gove said he was not interested in becoming leader of the Conservatives. Today he's announced he's running for the job.30.06.2016 at 09:36 pmLike
Jack Marshall Given the interviews he's done in the past saying that he's totally unsuited to being PM, it would appear that Michael Gove has now stabbed Michael Gove in the back too. God knows who his next victim will be.30.06.2016 at 09:38 pm260Andrew Gorman He's a lying parasite who destroyed education. Imagine what he'd do to the country. He'd be as embarrassing as Doris. A national embarrassement.30.06.2016 at 09:44 pm82view more comments
BBC News In total, one million British, French and German soldiers were killed and wounded in the five-month battle in World War One.30.06.2016 at 09:05 pmLike
George H. Newman On July 1st let us not talk politics. For one day remember the young soldiers who died for our freedom.30.06.2016 at 09:07 pm239Elizabeth Petrie Please don't forget that Newfoundland troops were there, too. The province did not join the Canadian confederation until 1949, but they deserve to be remembered and honoured as much as the British, French, and German casualties are.30.06.2016 at 09:16 pm97view more comments
BBC News How the internet reacted to Boris Johnson's shock announcement.30.06.2016 at 08:35 pmLike
Ben Pescado He looks like the love child of Donald Trump and Gary Busey.30.06.2016 at 08:37 pm845Andrew Sinnott Summary of Boris Johnson's speech: "My role will be to give every possible support to the collapse of the economy and the EU, but not take any actual responsibility."30.06.2016 at 08:38 pm771view more comments
BBC News The state government has vowed to make the city noise-free by 2020. 🔇30.06.2016 at 08:05 pmLike
James Hammond While I've got no problem with anyone practicing whatever religion they choose (you could be a pastafarian believing in the Flying Spaghetti Monster for all I care) I can see why someone shouting at the top of their lungs every day could get on someone's tits.30.06.2016 at 08:07 pm172John Baba Nuhu Welcome idea. They never allow people enjoy their sleep. You must not disturb or shout for God to answer your prayers. Even in your room you can pray and GOD will decide either to answer your prayers or not. I like the idea.30.06.2016 at 08:11 pm61view more comments

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