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BBC News Advantage pigeon!

These Wimbledon players weren't too impressed at a bird stopping play in their qualifying match. 🐦

(Via BBC Sport)
28.06.2017 at 04:06 pmLike
Stephen Edward Garside Can you imagine all the faux outrage on social media if they had twatted it with a racket....

Even the cops would be involved and Kleenex sales would soar...28.06.2017 at 04:08 pm6
James Fallows Gabrielle Fallows looks like rufus is doing a rubbish job28.06.2017 at 04:33 pmview more comments
BBC News The final death toll from the London fire won't be known for many months, with 80 people currently presumed dead, police say.28.06.2017 at 03:09 pmLike
Af Shin Off course they won't announce the final death toll now or they'll have a riot on their hands. They have over 200 bodies already but keeping quiet about it.28.06.2017 at 03:13 pm126Paul Ashby We're quick to report on estimated death tolls on disasters and wars in foreign countries but why can't we be open about this. I'm sure officials could give a reasonable estimate but that seems to be taboo. Disgusting!28.06.2017 at 03:21 pm65view more comments
BBC News Luftwaffe ace achieves a long-held ambition - to fly in a Spitfire.

28.06.2017 at 02:32 pmLike
Matt Hauke Some real retarded comments on here about Nazis, He is a man who joined his countries armed forces and was told to fight. He's a war hero as much as any man. Do you think that all German veterans are SS camp commandants?
I`m glad his dream came true as much as if one of ours wanted to fly an ME109.
Newsflash for anyone a bit behind with the times, we are allies with Germany now... move on.28.06.2017 at 02:48 pm293
Elizabeth Ledsham Scott I was at a reception in Germany in the 1970s and spoke to a local official. I asked if he'd ever visited the UK. He answered "Ah, yes! I flew over London a few times! "28.06.2017 at 03:04 pm68view more comments
BBC News Grenades were dropped from a helicopter in this attack on Venezuela's Supreme Court.

28.06.2017 at 01:51 pmLike
Mitch Bracey The economic crisis in Venezuala is caused largely by the oil price dropping and an over reliance on oil as a state revenue and the US getting Saudi to flood the market with oil.

Don't fall for the capitalists' lies. They and the US destroy any real democracy or government that tries to work for the people.

Socialism: "Common ownership of the means of production"
Venezuela has private ownership.28.06.2017 at 01:58 pm49
Daniel Adams Socialist at its best. Maybe corbyn can go over and share his money tree with them?28.06.2017 at 01:53 pm57view more comments
BBC News Protest marches in Delhi after the lynching of a Muslim teenager. Thousands have pledged to hit the streets today in support of the campaign, “Not In My Name”.28.06.2017 at 01:36 pmLike
BBC News For more info click here >> http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-4042806728.06.2017 at 01:58 pm11BBC News Protest marches in Delhi after the lynching of a Muslim teenager. Thousands have pledged to hit the streets today in support of the campaign, “Not In My Name”.

Send in your questions to us here in the comments...28.06.2017 at 01:38 pm121
view more comments
BBC News RIP Michael Bond, who gave the world Paddington Bear and has died aged at 01:07 pmLike
BBC News "Paddington is eternally optimistic and always comes back for more" - remembering Michael Bond http://bbc.in/2t0evIj28.06.2017 at 01:51 pm22Dawn Vorndran Moral Paddington bear was my favorite character as a child. He wasn't popular in the states when I was growing up, I randomly found the stories in our school library. They were the first books that led to a life-long love of reading ❤️28.06.2017 at 01:10 pm58view more comments

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