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For the following pro version demo 4 posts set to show, picture at left layout set, ajax comments enabled,half picture size set, fixed height set only 1000 pixels (to make appear nice scroll bar, height can be set according to size of posts), comments author name and logo not appearing because of using user token instead page token for this demo.Page token shows all well.

Setting page images are at left side. buy now

BBC News A charity is uniting younger runners with older people who may face loneliness and isolation.
25.04.2018 at 08:34 pmLike
Boys♥..,Take a look for some Good Fishy Stuff in my room😘25.04.2018 at 08:40 pmIt's becoming a serious problem as a population ages. Really sad, great initiative✔25.04.2018 at 08:36 pmview 8 more commentsThe circle of life.❤25.04.2018 at 08:35 pmIlove You25.04.2018 at 08:35 pmAwe I'm somebody again good to hear it25.04.2018 at 08:37 pmVery friendly kind25.04.2018 at 08:41 pmGood stuff.25.04.2018 at 08:41 pm💘 <325.04.2018 at 08:35 pmMaria Baxter25.04.2018 at 08:41 pmKristine Puzon25.04.2018 at 08:37 pm
BBC News Something to wrestle with.25.04.2018 at 07:41 pmLike
0"You can't dictate to a country or a religion about how they handle things" - Triple H bbc.in/2qYctYo25.04.2018 at 07:44 pm14Such a developed, forward thinking, tolerant nation 😂25.04.2018 at 07:42 pm79view 143 more comments
BBC News Melania's big day. 💁25.04.2018 at 06:55 pmLike
In 100 years time in 2118,two of Americas famous landmarks will have been altered in memory of these times.....at Mount Rushmore,instead of 4 presidents carved into the rock there'll be 5....The fifth being Donald Trump.....and when its completed there'll be a mysterious earthquake and all the earlier presidents will shift and bow to Donalds effigy.....and by public demand,the head of the Statue of Liberty will be removed and replaced with Melania Trumps face....25.04.2018 at 07:37 pmGod bless President Trump and his beautiful wife. He has shown what is the best of America to our French friends.25.04.2018 at 06:57 pm23view 106 more comments
BBC News He eluded police for decades, but has justice caught up with one of America's most notorious killers?25.04.2018 at 05:48 pmLike
Most notorious? First time I've ever heard of him.25.04.2018 at 06:16 pm25A former police officer not shocked25.04.2018 at 05:59 pm25view 141 more comments
BBC News "They make you feel more confident as well because of the way they look."

Meningitis survivor Tilly on her two bionic hands. 🙌

(Via BBC Look North (North East & Cumbria))
25.04.2018 at 04:51 pmLike
As a bonus, anyone who taunts her in school gets their trachea crushed like it was a biscuit.25.04.2018 at 05:37 pm27Now that’s overcoming REAL adversity ... well done Tilly 👏🏻25.04.2018 at 05:19 pm27view 97 more comments
BBC News Where are you on the UK fat scale?

Use our online calculator to find out ▶️ https://bbc.in/2Hsnubt

Also get expert tips on how to improve your health.
25.04.2018 at 04:16 pmLike
This is shocking out of date and encouraging people to be unhealthy. BMI IS RUBBISH. It doesn’t take into account age, bone density or muscle mass. 2 people can weigh the same but one is overweight and one trains 3/4 times a week and has more muscle and be perfectly healthy!!. Shame on you BBC News. With an obesity epidemic in the country you should be promoting health eating and good nutrition habits not basing in on this outdated and awful system https://www.facebook.com/thebetterbodyguru/videos/1397407083697002/25.04.2018 at 04:22 pm93Before I was diagnosed with kidney failure, I was a size 10/12.
Now I am a size 14/16/18 depending on how my dialysis had gone the day before.
Some of us are not obese due to what we eat.
Fatshamers you should be ashamed of yourselves.25.04.2018 at 04:47 pm26
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