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BBC News "It's not rocket science." How Rihanna's new make-up range is causing a stir in the industry. πŸ‘©πŸΌπŸ‘©πŸ½πŸ‘©πŸΎπŸ‘©πŸΏ

(Via BBC Entertainment News)
21.09.2017 at 10:39 amLike
Gokna Marpaung I sometimes feel so grateful and thankful for not knowing how to put makeup on!
Imagine how much money I have to spent on something superficial! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚21.09.2017 at 10:45 am39
Shana Gainey If only the same thing would happen for clothing. I love the illusion gowns but they all have a beige/nude color underneath whereas my skin is brown. Similarly, jazz shoes help elongate the look of one's legs if they match the skin tone but they all come in beige/nude, not brown πŸ˜‘21.09.2017 at 10:43 am16view more comments
BBC News "On the conveyor belt tonight... a cuddly toy!"

Glasgow Airport's lost property office is overflowing with soft toys. It hopes to reunite them with their owners.

bbc.in/2wAw1rx (Via BBC Scotland News)
21.09.2017 at 09:46 amLike
Geoff Carse Can't watch this without thinking of Brucey. :(21.09.2017 at 09:52 am12Tasha NY Field If the toys aren't claimed within a certain time period they should get them professionally and thoroughly washed and donate them to a children's hospital so other kids can benefit from them21.09.2017 at 09:52 am44view more comments
BBC News Stoptober will feature vaping in its TV adverts for the first time, as studies suggest e-cigarettes can help people kick the habit.21.09.2017 at 08:45 amLike
Jaron Kaplan-Parr I'll confirm that after taking up vaping I quit cigarettes quite easily, and less than a week later simply did not want cigarettes anymore. Very easy to ween down the nicotine content from there (already down to the lowest amount before nicotine free after less than a month).

So it's far cheaper, far less harmful, helps people quit smoking...and people can't get over the fact that it isn't 100% healthy? What activities in our lives are? Even those arguing against it (at least credible people arguing against it rather than pompous windbags) admit it is orders of magnitude better than smoking cigarettes. I find this argument incredibly disingenuous nonsense.21.09.2017 at 08:57 am113
Willie Taylor I smoked for 35 years, about 30 a day. I tired everything to give up. Eventually I turned to e cigs, after a year or so I threw them away and 8 years on I have never looked back. Those who down e cigs just don’t get it. If we’re not for them I’d still be 30 plus a day, if I wasn’t already dead21.09.2017 at 08:58 am59view more comments
BBC News Up to 11,000 children could have been sold to Europe in the 1980s.21.09.2017 at 07:56 amLike
Muhammad Musa Adam no wonder for whatever they did to Muslim minority in their country because most of them are fatherless.21.09.2017 at 08:02 am5Kartik Keyan Omg. That's alarming. Recently I had interacted with one Dutch girl , she said her elder sister is adopted from srilanka. Now I feel the foul play by this adoption scheme.21.09.2017 at 09:34 am1view more comments
BBC News A 17-year-old boy is arrested in connection with last week's London terror attack.21.09.2017 at 07:04 amLike
Danny Fullilove They were refugees. You don't hear "refugees welcome"
Much anymore from the idealistic naive left do you?21.09.2017 at 07:23 am89
Ian Caddie *yawn* The usual round up of all friends, relatives and people of similar names continues - and no doubt, just like Manchester and the London attacks, alll will be eventually released without charge and another sinister terrorist network fails to materialise......21.09.2017 at 07:27 am41view more comments
BBC News President Donald J. Trump called Kim Jong-un "rocket man" and...21.09.2017 at 06:33 amLike
Tms Virdi Trump has two parts of brain, 'left' and 'right'.

In the left side, there's nothing right
In the right side, there's nothing left21.09.2017 at 06:36 am683
Ryan Sequoia Giles You put Donald Trump on the world stage and of course he's not going to have any class or couth. This should not come as a shock to anyone. He really is a giant manbaby21.09.2017 at 06:35 am254view more comments

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