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BBC News Remember the topless Tongan flagbearer who broke the internet during the Rio Olympics opening ceremony? He’s back…
07.12.2016 at 10:11 amLike
Amy Trask I like how the BBC has zero problem ogling and sexualizing this man but would probably write a long-winded, offended opinion piece on any other media celebrating a bare-chested, beautiful woman. Nice music as well, very classy BBC. Filling the subtext with porno bass lines.07.12.2016 at 10:22 am10Allan Bright its such a small country, anyone could be on their team if they meet the qualifying standards. but doesnt he live in Australia?07.12.2016 at 10:14 am2view more comments
BBC News "To win at cards, each woman has to use whatever she's got."
07.12.2016 at 09:39 amLike
Mohan Bachhav Women can be better than men at any sport or any field for that matter. For that all they need is some self confidence and a will to face the patriarchal system. You have so many examples of successful women outperforming men in various fields.😊07.12.2016 at 09:42 am9Stanley Harris I have never gambled with cards since leaving the forces. I won one jackpot, then duty called thankfully.. Of course I help good causes and that Canadian Teachers Pension Fund as I support the lotto. But face a woman at poker never. The reason for this I always have a smile on my face. Think about it lol, (The new mad Author) P.S. A wiser person than me once said, 'If you ever find yourself in difficulties in a discussion, always look at whom your adversary is and imagine them with no cloths on.' He meant we are all the same underneath our protective layer of clothing. It still brought a smile to me face. Poker lol (TnmA)07.12.2016 at 10:19 amview more comments
BBC News "I say if I'm beautiful, I say if I'm strong. You will not determine my story. I will" - Amy Schumer.07.12.2016 at 08:57 amLike
Rosco Griff Fat shaming was invented by fat people to justify being fat...07.12.2016 at 08:59 am845Luca Pinsuti No offense, but I don't find her funny. At all. And, I know that Barbie isn't an example.of healthy body, but Miss Schumer's isn't either.07.12.2016 at 08:59 am881view more comments
BBC News The cost of an epilepsy drug went up 2,600% overnight.07.12.2016 at 08:16 amLike
BBC News Pfizer - which says the drug was a loss-making product - rejects the findings of the Competition and Markets Authority, which issued the fine. Pfizer says it will appeal against the decision.07.12.2016 at 09:58 am11Dillyn Featherstone How incredibly greedy of them to put the cost of medication up by so much overnight, it's not like they need all that extra money. It's even worse that it is lifesaving money and if the NHS had been unable to afford it lives will have been lost, people with epilepsy do die without their medication, I lost my sister to it last year.07.12.2016 at 08:19 am189view more comments
BBC News Illustrious history.07.12.2016 at 07:32 amLike
Alec Dawe I designed bits of that vessel! But then it wasn't even called an aircraft carrier. Building new carriers was a government No No. so to get round that the ship's official classification was A Through Deck Cruiser!! There's a bit of NewSpeak for you!07.12.2016 at 08:00 am53Matthew James de Bohun Two million for scrap!!! Should have turned it into a museum or something. Would have been a lot more worthwhile doing that.07.12.2016 at 08:12 am14view more comments
BBC News "The idea that I somehow took this role from a Chinese actor is just not true," says Matt Damon.07.12.2016 at 06:31 amLike
Saif Omar Al Suwaidi The film is being made by Chinese media companies. Thus, the Chinese, hired a white guy.

There's no race issue here. Move on folks to real issues.07.12.2016 at 06:36 am171
Nix Roberts White savior and white washing are two very different issues. It's just funny bc he's arguing a point no one made. The character is white, so he's not taking it from anyone. The question is: why is a white dude (the character) suddenly fixing this situation? I'm assuming there are plenty Chinese warrior characters, but the white one is the important one that will save the day. Of course, if you don't see why this may be a question at all, then you might get confused as to what the actual critique is.07.12.2016 at 06:52 am47view more comments

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