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BBC News A note to President Donald J. Trump for his call with Vladimir Putin reportedly read: "DO NOT CONGRATULATE".21.03.2018 at 06:00 pmLike
If we don't control you Putin controls you. - CIA Everything is about control and Trump is not a good boy like Obama was. Everything Trump has done Obama has done and more. Putin's best days will always be rememberd as the time between 2011-2016 Crimea, East Ukraine, Syria, Iran deal, election meddling he've got everything he wished for since he was born. yet no one dare investigate, object, challenged Obama when all of this happened. I guess they trust you when they control you. the CIA owned Obama the biggest foreign policy disaster of our time.21.03.2018 at 06:05 pm7 So the election Obama and Hillary tried to influence using the FBI is only different because they are incompetent and Trump still won, I won't get started on how Obama tried to sway the Israeli election, yet in the liberals mind he is the greatest president ever21.03.2018 at 06:07 pm9view more comments
BBC News Yellow? Green? Even Roger Federer has weighed in on the debate.21.03.2018 at 05:15 pmLike
If you call this journalism I will shoot myself right here.21.03.2018 at 05:16 pm68 It's called chartreuse, Jesus. Stop trying to bring back the stupid dress debate losers.21.03.2018 at 05:38 pm5view more comments
BBC News "I'm not just an actor, or mother, or wife" - Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon on why she wants to be New York governor. (via BBC Entertainment News)21.03.2018 at 04:30 pmLike
I think that the last US election showed that ANYONE can be president, even a reality TV star! So why not?21.03.2018 at 05:46 pm Cynthia played Miranda for so many years, perhaps she really think she's a tough legal eagle Harvard lawyer. Come on lady, you were an actress on CABLE show. The show ended like over 10 years ago.Another Hollywood type who thinks reading a script equals actually doing the job she's portraying.21.03.2018 at 04:39 pm37view more comments
BBC News Would you give a stranger your bed?21.03.2018 at 04:03 pmLike
Yep, random migrants to every homes of the Liberal Left.21.03.2018 at 04:05 pm57 wonder why they dont want to stay in Belgium, they all want to come to the uk, free housing, free money, free schooling, free nhs, free dentist, what more could they want, come to the land of free, and no i wouldnt give one of them a bed for the night either, i would our own homeless on the street so long as they wasn't a drug addict or alcoholic21.03.2018 at 04:09 pm45view more comments
BBC News This is what life is like for one mother trying to keep her children safe under siege in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.21.03.2018 at 03:31 pmLike
So where is the father .. oh yes , he ran away and is in the EU somewhere21.03.2018 at 03:32 pm71 wow there's a lot of angry people... She doesn't ask anything, her husband is there and yes they had 8 children, does that make children less children and human beings... Some of you people are just horrible, where is your empathy..21.03.2018 at 03:40 pm52view more comments
BBC News "This is their information. They own it"
"And you won’t sell it?"
"No! Of course not."

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, talking to the BBC in 2009. (via BBC Money)
21.03.2018 at 02:50 pmLike
BBC News The latest on Cambridge Analytica and Facebook: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-4348097821.03.2018 at 03:23 pm1 I was locked out of my original account last year, thousands of memories and photos lost now. No call centre or help email!! For such a huge company, you can’t even get the little details right21.03.2018 at 03:06 pm23view more comments

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