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BBC News 'Rule of two' - Australia implements new cockpit rules following last week's #Germanwings crash
Australia orders new cockpit rulesbbc.co.ukAustralia orders two people to remain in the cockpit at all times during commercial flights, after last week's Germanwings crash.
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Francisco Huergo tragic how we make advancements...30.03.2015 at 05:53 am30Diane Hill The captain should have a key30.03.2015 at 06:00 am28view more comments
BBC News We have a question for India's men: What does your wife do?
A question for Indian men: What does your wife do?bbc.co.ukThe BBC's Geeta Pandey has a question for Indian men: What does your wife do?
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Purnima Shrinivas C'mon BBC ..do you "seriously" think this is journalism/story material? I thought it was a pointless exercise..just a new way to tarnish India's image as you and a lot of Western press have been engaging in of late! We need better journalism than that.30.03.2015 at 05:13 am187Peter Bena LOL BBC, What is that you have so much against, or for India.. ? Not that we don't love you guys giving so much importance to India, but don't you think, you are starting to obsess with India now a days..? Among all the nations in the whole world, BBC only loves India..:-)30.03.2015 at 05:08 am90view more comments
BBC News Next stop: China
Solar Impulse plane leaves Myanmar for Chinabbc.co.ukSolar Impulse, the fuel-free aeroplane, heads out of Myanmar and on to China on leg five of its attempt to fly around the world.
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Adam W Morris Next,10,000 identical Solar Impulses leave China.... 😊30.03.2015 at 01:37 am45Darwen Lai Beware of Chinese polluted sky and fly safe, god bless30.03.2015 at 02:48 am7view more comments
BBC News Fill these boots. Welsh rugby captain Sam Warburton helps player find size 21 boots
Rugby player Carl Griffiths gets size 21 boots after searchbbc.inPlayer sidelined after he could not find boots big enough given a specially-made pair.
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John Simba Bargh So happy I didn't miss this headline. Most important thing I ever read.29.03.2015 at 08:34 pm82Chris Taylor You know what they say about men with big feet29.03.2015 at 08:35 pm50view more comments
BBC News Thousands of Tunisians rally against terrorism after #BardoMuseum attack
29.03.2015 at 07:30 pmView post on facebook
Tashi Gyatso This is the real voice of Islam, of dignity love and peace......29.03.2015 at 07:32 pm640عبدالسلام بوكيل I am Tunisian and Muslim and I am against terrorism29.03.2015 at 07:35 pm567view more comments

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