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BBC News It looks like Greeks have decisively voted 'No'05.07.2015 at 07:28 pmView post on facebook
Tudor Cosma Greece is apparently a big fan of economic suicide. But you get what you deserve05.07.2015 at 07:33 pm9Tina Cowan-Mytilinaiou And now in this short film about the islands!! I live on Spetses, a couple of hours further out from Athens than Aegina. There are NO shortages in the supermarkets, NO shortage of petrol. STOP the propaganda!05.07.2015 at 07:52 pm2view 22 more commentsTrevor Nelson Well done to the people of Greece for standing up for what is best for your country, i really hope this is the beginning of the end for the European union and I urge other EU countries to follow suite, Definitely for the British we would be so much better off out of the EU.05.07.2015 at 07:47 pm1Tomas Cehelsky kick them out please..... NO financial discipline no rules. send them out from EU05.07.2015 at 07:46 pm4Franske Dubois https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=804190103032536&set=a.168977569887129.34639.100003246629293&type=1&theater05.07.2015 at 07:30 pm11Marcus Macleod Simple...get your taxes sorted out, cut your military costs, increase the working age to at least 60, stop playing politics with people's lives and have some self-respect.05.07.2015 at 07:51 pm4Mărgărit Mircea Europa fără Grecia nu există , dar nici Grecia fără Europa ! "EUROPA" (zeița) este din Grecia !05.07.2015 at 07:31 pmPapama Gweva Greece should join BRICS. We will offer them a bail-out without any strict conditions.05.07.2015 at 07:46 pmStefan Greiner There are still a lot of other countries, that should exit the EU.05.07.2015 at 07:30 pmTony Kay Now is the time for Greeks to embrace crypto currencies like Bitcoin05.07.2015 at 07:33 pm1Malama Kaluba greece shud join the AU.beta05.07.2015 at 07:31 pmTina Cowan-Mytilinaiou Ridiculously biased "journalism", right this minute. Utterly pathetic. Trying to trash Syria now just makes you look like bad losers (being so overtly placed on the side of those who wanted a Yes vote today).05.07.2015 at 07:49 pmBruce Cooper Tom Crawford - burglars are protected by men & women dressed as Police as they rob the home, prevent Tom from taking his dog to the vet and block access to his home, family, pet and possessions - including his inherited possessions left by his late mother who is not yet buried - BBC & ITV have been fore warned by the same imposters - no warrant, no proper paperwork, sheer robbery05.07.2015 at 07:52 pmJen Kanagy Great explanation as to what's going in there:
http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/29220-richard-d-wolff-the-game-is-rigged05.07.2015 at 07:49 pm
Martyn Phelps It's sad that Greece should go this way. It should act as a lesson to any Country thinking of giving up it's currency.05.07.2015 at 08:01 pmStylian Senar Unfortunately, this is an individualist and cynical point of view of people who only care about their short-sighted personal profit, forgeting that It is smarter to be united than alone. And more human-oriented. Problem is, there are no "democratic" institutions today. Your most beloved capitalism has fulfilled its goals and converted north europe to a masqueraded corporate fascism. Which of course has taken huge advantage of Greece. But you see, media are always there to ridicule and perpetuate the status quo through their propaganda.05.07.2015 at 07:54 pmEmin Hasic https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207404102879848&l=bf2b5f754405.07.2015 at 07:42 pmSalih Temur POOR GAYREEKS05.07.2015 at 07:58 pmWelington Perez ver el video Completo de esta noticia Aqui en link azul http://goo.gl/o2bEbC05.07.2015 at 07:29 pmDarline Peña Miralo El ViDeo Completo En Youtube ▬► http://goo.gl/iCK6NJ05.07.2015 at 07:31 pmLobo Vasko http://rt.com/news/271828-greece-referendum-no-vote/05.07.2015 at 07:55 pmDispropaganda https://www.facebook.com/Dispropoganda/photos/a.510143212413170.1073741828.510141735746651/861306520630169/?type=1&theater05.07.2015 at 07:32 pmKelly Raymond I lost my husband once and I couldn’t afford to lose him again. I could have been a failed mother if i didn’t consult prophet onikunmekun. My therapist advised me to try spiritual mean on my husband and she recommended prophet onikunmekun via prophetonikunmekunspellcaster@gmail.com because she knows good number of people that he has helped. My case was so terrible that my husband always threaten me not to involve myself in any of his secret affairs, he kept a lot of secret and we couldn’t be truthful to each other after 3years of our marriage. I remembered sometime last year that he disappeared for three months and appeared the day I gave birth to our son. I overhead his conversation recently that he wants to relocate permanently to a country I am not familiar with. The worst is that he never mentioned this to me before he started acting weird and talking about divorce. He said that he regretted getting married because I keep blocking his ways and promised to dissolve the marriage before he disappears to meet his true love. That’s when I cried and took the case to prophet onikunmekun as directed by my therapist. The actual cause of his actions was revealed, he was trapped by a lady whom he met on the internet. I was happy when I heard about this because I suspected that too. To cut the long story short; he now opens up to me, tells me everything including his female friends and travels 2days after the spell was cast. My mind is now restored with a lot of overwhelming joy because I just saved our marriage through the help of the great onikunmekun... Here is his email address if you all need his assistance. [prophetonikunmekunspellcaster@gmail.com]05.07.2015 at 07:38 pmAmna Ali https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pakistan-House/14596334227868405.07.2015 at 07:40 pm
BBC News The fortress island of Gunkanjima, Iran's ancient city of Susa and Scotland's Forth Bridge have just been added to the list.05.07.2015 at 05:21 pmView post on facebook
Indra Dhanush What's the use of adding more places if you can't protect the sites which were given the status long back?
#protectpalmyra05.07.2015 at 05:24 pm22
Bente Mogensen I love ❤ the Forth Road Bridge... I lived in Fife over 20 years.... 😎05.07.2015 at 05:52 pm1view more comments
BBC News Negotiators face a 7 July deadline05.07.2015 at 04:18 pmView post on facebook
Greg Johnson Can we send John Kerry to Iran (permanently) as part of the nuclear deal?05.07.2015 at 04:36 pm29Ruchmair Dixon Has there been any confirmation that Iron has nuclear weapons or is planning to develop nuclear weapons ?

Or has it just been false accusations all these years ?05.07.2015 at 04:33 pm13
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BBC News Reports of a strong turnout in Greece's bailout referendum05.07.2015 at 02:58 pmView post on facebook
Stampu Mabra Bona i can't lie i want europe to break up" crossing fingers.. Spartans fought for freedom not for EU slavery even if it means 3rd world Greece must taking they will rise.. this Capitalism system was meant to Colonials africa since the west let go africa the didn't change the system, now its coming to bite them hard
. BRITS will following05.07.2015 at 03:41 pm6
Ammar Naseer can you please tell me about the Referendum?05.07.2015 at 04:26 pmview more comments
BBC News US military described the 16 strikes as one of the largest assaults carried out in Syria so far05.07.2015 at 12:58 pmView post on facebook
Mohammad Qureshi Islamic State are a sick twisted poisonous disease of terrorism. They represent Muslims around the world and in the UK in completely the wrong way. As a British Muslim myself born and living in the UK, there is already enough hate to muslims in Britain. Please don't call all of us terrorists. In Islam and the Qu'ran Killing anyone, is like killing all of humanity, Its horrible and not allowed in Islam. I think whoever can kill anyone is just sick and has no heart. IS will be defeated, So any muslims in Britain STOP going to IS. Any muslim that goes to IS are sick twisted people. Islam is a peaceful religion, so please stop judging all muslims.05.07.2015 at 01:55 pm120Ali Amiri They are not real muslim guys...
Plz dont change your images about islam and muslims...05.07.2015 at 01:13 pm42
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