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BBC News Donald J. Trump is officially the Republican party’s candidate - but winning America over could hinge on one key factor: demographics.23.07.2016 at 05:36 pmLike
Mohammed Ashiq Do all white voters support Trump? I don't think so!

I think Media should stop portraying Trump as representative of White people.23.07.2016 at 05:39 pm629
Bernard Kingsley You are assuming that all minorities vote for Hillary, which is a racist assumption23.07.2016 at 05:39 pm526view more comments
BBC News Five ways the Great Fire changed London http://bbc.in/2a0GK0q
23.07.2016 at 04:30 pmLike
Stephanie Bland And this is how my Italian ancestors arrived here. Thousands of foreign craftsmen invited to help rebuild. Mine were wood carvers,they helped rebuild church interiors!23.07.2016 at 07:00 pm12Dylan McConnell-Greer Should never have been rebuilt, that city has done nothing but enforce itself across hundreds of cultures and hundreds of millions of people23.07.2016 at 04:50 pm21view more comments
BBC News David Cameron appealed for limits on the free movement of people - but later changed his mind. #Brexit23.07.2016 at 03:44 pmLike
Billy Hufton If there had have been some control on free movement. I think remain would have edged it. Certainly I did not want to leave the EU but in the end felt the option to stay was worse .23.07.2016 at 03:56 pm100Prabir Das please for the sake of humanity, leave the place as soon as you hear ALLAH HU AKUBAR, people died because they didn't run. educate your son, daughters, family members to be vigilant, safety is important as it can save life. every attack was carried out after saying Allah hu akubar. it can save may be atleast one single innocent life.23.07.2016 at 03:44 pm113view more comments
BBC News In 1996 a 16-year-old boy went missing. Twenty years later, the case is #Unsolved. Watch the first episode here EXCLUSIVELY on Sunday
23.07.2016 at 02:47 pmLike
Kerry Yeomans Coming from the Isle of Wight you do realise that Damien has a family. No you haven't seen him and you should be ashamed of some of your comments.23.07.2016 at 04:21 pm20Davey Cammack I think its 1 of 2 possibilities of what happened to him.

1. He planned this & left by his own accord & doesn't want to be found. If someone doesn't want to be found, you won't find them.
2. He's dead. Someone killed him & disposed of his body or he had an accident somewhere & his body has been left undisturbed.

No one really kidnaps a 16 yr old or tricks them into danger in the UK. He was big enough & strong enough to resist & put up a fight.

Either way. This is one mystery that should be solved because if we can find out things on other planets, predict what happened & what will happen in terms of space exploration. I think it's not much to ask that we find out what happened to someone on planet earth!23.07.2016 at 04:26 pm12
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BBC News The BBC's Andrew Plant was live in Munich the day after a shooting spree by an 18-year-old left nine dead and 27 injured. Police are currently investigating if the gunman may have lured his victims throughSee More a Facebook invitation to a restaurant.See Less
23.07.2016 at 02:30 pmLike
BBC News Thanks for watching the broadcast. Here's the latest: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-3687449723.07.2016 at 02:44 pm80Sayed Mohammad BBC SHAME ON YOU.
68 people killed and over 200 wounded in a blast in Kabul just 1 hour ago. Why have you not reported that on your facebook page?23.07.2016 at 02:31 pm218
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BBC News Thousands of people were protesting against a new power line - when suicide bombers attacked.23.07.2016 at 02:25 pmLike
Urwa Nishaat Sania Bukhari Germany gets attacked, 9 die. There's condolences, outrage and condemnation. Afghanistan gets attacked, 31 die. There's absolutely nothing!23.07.2016 at 02:27 pm1156Secil Cekin I can see all Muslims are terrorist comment coming! And many happy faces that claims to be European and human!!! Clearly a human wouldn't be happy with someone else's loss or be ignorant to judge everyone. Sorry for the people who died!23.07.2016 at 02:27 pm609view more comments

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